Artist Statement for

Aging Sucks (but doesn't have to)

My latest series, Aging Sucks (but doesn’t have to), includes video installation, sculpture, mixed media, painting and performance. The concept initially came from the personal observations and frustrations I have with my body and mind getting older. People I’ve known for years look older now. I am aging like other baby boomers, but deep inside I still act and see myself as being in my 30s.

The aging of the massive Baby Boomer generation born between 1946 and 1964 will have significant implications for the entire country. The oldest baby boomers started turning 65 back in 2011, and many of them have already retired. I am striving to change for the better how older adults see themselves and how others see them.

Why the hands? The process of me asking the question “How old are you deep inside”, stamping the hand with the number provided, and photographing the hand usually brings out a smile and a common initial response of “Oh, I’ve never thought about that before” followed by pondering and dialogue with others. I've stamped 1,000 hands and would like the opportunity to stamp many more.

The point of this body of work is to get people thinking about the question “How old are you deep inside?” because physical “age is just a number.” I am having fun communicating the idea that age is not a limitation.

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Valerie Hunt