Valerie Hunt

Sculptor, Painter, Interior Designer, Professor, DJ, Dancer

Valerie has earned three college degrees: A Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture from Florida Atlantic University, a Bachelor of Interior Design from Louisiana State University, and a Master of Science in Design from Arizona State University. Her Master's thesis, Why Corporations Collect Art in the Phoenix Area, can be found in the ASU and Phoenix Art Museum libraries.

Valerie practiced Interior Design until 1995, when she enrolled in a Master’s program in Design at ASU. Her commercial and corporate clients included Motorola, Kodak, Xerox, GE, American Airlines, Toyota, LAX, Bendix, Sheraton, Hilton and Hyatt.

Valerie has taught over 140 art and design classes since 1991. She has enjoyed full-time faculty positions at The Art Institute of Phoenix, Glendale Community College, Mesa Community College and at Palm Beach Community College in Florida. She has also taught at Arizona State University, Phoenix College, and Scottsdale Community College.

She is now focused solely on her professional art practice in Tucson, AZ, as she uniquely combines sculpture, painting, performance, interior design and dance to communicate her artistic ideas. Her current body of work applies the new skills, ideas and insights that she recently gained from fifteen post-graduate level art classes at ASU.

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